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Ahoy Hoy


My name is Angela

Rivera-Scheetz...but you can call me Ang or Angie. I'm an Orange County native, grew up/and currently settled roots with my small family in Huntington Beach,CA. I've lived in parts of San Diego and on the Hawaiian island of Maui, but always holding true to living the So. Ca lifestyle that has inspired my creative work today.  


I'm an avid surfer that loves the skateboarding, Vintage Tiki, Comic/Cosplay, Tattoo, Punk rock, Low Brow and Kustom/Hot Rod Cultures. 


With an educated background in fine arts, photography and graphic design, I'm very versatile with mediums and hands-on with my creations. My main weapons of choice would be a pencil and my computer. Loving, but not limited to, creating detailed illustrations and designs that are genuine and true to my off-beat, quirky, slightly darker aesthetic.


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