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Hold Butts

Hold Butts


I definately have a love for Pop culture movies from the 80's and 90's. My vocabulary is that of a well-educated sailor, pure sarcasm and constant movie quotes. I literally say this phrase all the time. So I created this series originally to be produced on skateboard decks, then prints actually came second in the design process. I do plan to add to this silly series of movie-inspired art and would love if you shoot me suggestions of what you would want to see next! Or if you would like to commision me to make custom movie piece for your taste.


Currently in this collection:

• Jurassic Park "Hold on to Your Butts!"

• The Sandlot "You're Killin' Me Smalls!"

• Back to the Future " Great Scott!" 

• The Goonies "Never Say Die!" 


These pieces were hand drawn, with pen and ink and then brought to life (colored) digitally. I do print all of these as ordered, so the white borders and colors may vary slightly from computer screen to printer.

The wooden hanger in the photo is not included.


*Be Sure to check out the "Skate Decks" section of the shop.