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The Mascot

The Mascot


I listen to a lot of different music, and this was definately inspired by the Die, Die My Darling single cover or if you want to get deeper into the inspiration, the cover of the single is derived from the cover of the September 1953 issue number 19 of the comic book Chamber of Chills...all with my weird nautical twist thrown into the mix. She's called the 'The Mascot' because she was one of my earlier pieces I created, but still one of my more popular ones amongst the public. She's a perfect example of my love for the sea, skulls, punk rock, adding tiny details within, my darker sense of humor and a dress that she has on is from a real dress I loved wearing haha. 


This piece was hand drawn, with pen and ink and then brought to life (colored) digitally. I do print all of these as ordered, so the white borders and colors may vary slightly from computer screen to printer. 


The wooden hanger in the photo is not included.